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Liberals: “Antifa are a gift to fascists.  Antifa “violence” only helps fascists.  It emboldens them and encourages them to come out in greater numbers and do more damage.  We should just ignore fascists and they’ll just go away.  Or we should provide them with a platform to more-broadly disseminate their garbage.  But antifa tactics are only going to make things worse.”

Over the last month:

fascists were a no-show to their own hate rally in Hull.

DFLA Islamophobes managed to get all of five supporters out in Manchester, only to turn their tails and run after being confronted by 0161 Crew

the much-ballyhooed “Unite the Right 2″ rally in DC drew all of two dozen neo-nazis, who faced hundreds and hundreds of antifa that force an early cancellation to their bullshite

a nationally-publicized Islamophobia rally in Toronto drew all of three bigots, who lasted less than one minute in the face of the opposition and jeers of hundreds of antifa

-and now this whiny rant from noted transphobe, pedophelia advocate, and racist bloodclot Milo Yiannopoulos, who can’t even go out for sushi thanks to antifa!  

Milo is so damn close to realizing he has been a useful idiot, but he just can’t get there. It’s hilarious to me. I hope he continues to be afraid.