the famous mormon ‘gay man but married to a woman and happy’ couple is getting divorced and apologizing for the damage they did 20gayteen is so strong

This is actually a really really important and beautiful and honest post and story. Take the time to read it.

from the article:

One thing that
has been interesting to me is how people have reacted when I have told
them about our decision to end our marriage and how hard it has been to
love Josh with all my heart and to not have him love me back in a
romantic way. Almost everyone has said to me, with an air of protective
emphasis, “Oh, but Lolly, you deserve to be loved that way! You will find someone else who can love you like that. You deserve
to love and be loved in that way!” And I agree with them. The thing
that I find interesting is that these are all straight people looking at
me, another straight person, and being able to see the injustice of me
not experiencing true love. They see that it is wrong that I have never
felt that love. They feel it. They can put themselves in my shoes and
realize how hard that would be for them. They can see it because it is
presented from a straight perspective.

The thing that’s so interesting to me is how few people think of Josh in this way.

that’s a fascinating and brutally honest piece of writing