TIL that in 1985, police engaged in a standoff with the black liberation group ‘MOVE’ at their home in Philadelphia. A massive firefight ensued in which the police used choppers to drop two C4 bombs on the roof. The fire destroyed 65 houses and 11 people died.


Half of the people who died in the bombing were children. The youngest of whom was only seven. Two hundred and fifty people were left homeless. When the bomb was dropped, the firefighters were ordered to stand back and not do anything to help. Police shot people as they tried to escape. And while the city apologized and called the bombing “unconscionable” the only person who was ever criminally charged in the affair was Ramona Africa, the sole adult survivor of the bombing.

Seriously, every single American should be required to learn about the MOVE bombing.

While this is going around, probably worth adding that Ramona Africa is currently suffering from cancer and asking for help with medical fees, gofundme here: