The Witcher Netflix TV Series Looking to Cast …

The Witcher Netflix TV Series Looking to Cast Non-White Girl as Ciri – Niche Gamer:







Christ, I wouldn’t play Poles for being pissed at this.

They really don’t even notice the hypocrisy…

Casting Eastern Europeans would be “representation”, yet they only think of it in terms of American racial politics. 

The treatment of Eastern Europeans in Western media, particularly American media, is absolutely atrocious. They are mocked, stereotyped and marginalised at basically every turn and the worst thing is no one seems to think there’s anything wrong with it.

The Witcher isn’t set in Poland, you fucking morons.

Does that change the validity of what I said? I was using @alaija’s comment as a jumping off point for expressing a view that I sincerely hope you don’t disagree with.

I don’t play the game, I don’t care about it, but whether it’s this series or not, Eastern Europeans do deserve better representation in western media, and the American media is often the worst culprit when it comes to stereotypical and offensive portrayals of Eastern European people so what Alaija had to say there seems completely a fair point.

I don’t disagree with your point because it’s irrelevant to this news story. I’m referring to the posts by concentrated-sunshine and alaija, which are stupid. There are no Eastern Europeans in this TV series. There is no Europe in this TV series. It is a fantasy setting. I would argue that The Witcher game series isn’t even the “source material,” even if they’re better known – the books are, and the books do not make any mention of Ciri’s race beyond “human.”

If the actress doesn’t have silver hair or green eyes, then have your whiny little nerd fit about them getting the details wrong. This is just White people getting angry because a PoC is getting a role. Yes, Eastern Europeans get a bad rep – but Niche Gamer/GGN (and the rest of you, for that matter) aren’t bitching because you want more EE representation. You have no complaints about all the American or British people who are probably getting roles in the show. You’re just mad there might be Black people in your fantasy.

Again, this isn’t directed at you, PPPM (unless you agree with the OP, in which case come off it).