Back in 2005, ICE agents posted as members or OSHA in order to raid a factory. OSHA responded by saying that ICE was to never, ever do that again because OSHA is there for the protection of all workers, regardless of documentation. I am bring this up because I am passionate about labor rights and the rights of undocumented people.

This is hardly the only instance of ICE being underhanded, and in fact they have only gotten worse since the Bush era, becoming much more militant during the Obama administration. ICE is, and always will be, a deeply unjust agency that is predicated on an ahistoric understanding of immigration to the USA. I have many thoughts about police in America in general, but for now I want to make it abundantly clear that “abolish ICE” is about the nicest stance I could take, and I am more along the lines of “prosecute all ICE agents.”