humansofnewyork: “I’m from Basra.  In the sev…


“I’m from Basra.  In the seventies we were the economic capital of Iraq.  It was beautiful once.  The only city with two rivers.  We had one million people but ten million palm trees.  In those days everyone was optimistic.  Our oil reserves were better than the Saudis.  We assumed the oil would be invested, and that our lives would keep getting better.  But our leaders failed us.  It was war after war.  Without all the fighting, things could have really been great.  But the palm trees are gone now.  There’s no potable water.  We have a shortage of electricity.  Healthcare is very poor, and cancer is everywhere because the Americans used radioactive bombs.  Our whole land is contaminated.  The food that comes from the soil is poison.  But please visit, you’ll be welcome.  The people are friendly.  You’ll be met with hospitality.  We understand that governments are the warmongers.  You’re victims just like us.”
(Cairo, Egypt)