You attract some weird people. But that's…

You attract some weird people. But that's the charm of your blog tbh And seeing you put them in their place, that's awesome.

I literally do not care when it comes to assholes being assholes, ha.

The thing is, the worst of things used to come from the “SJW”/Far-Left side of Tumblr? So when I saw awful things from there, I called that out, and people jumped to suck my dick for it.

Now, the same people exist, but it’s pretty much the same old, same old thing. This doesn’t excuse the bad behaviour, but a lot of those “SJWs” are teenagers, so it’s easier to write them off as being edgy, and hope that they’ll see sense when they’re older.

However, the worst things are creeping from the “anti-SJW” side of Tumblr, where most people seem to at least be in their 20s, or older. And where they once genuinely were kind, even-handed and decent, they’ve just allowed themselves to go, “Well, the SJWs do it, so we don’t care anymore, screw them.” It’s all highly partisan, and it’s come to a point where it’s a case of, “If a SJW says up, we’ll say down.” It’s ridiculous. And it needs to be held accountable.

But because the same people who once clapped for me like seals are now the same ones that have no issue with justifying actual bigotry when it comes from “their side,” or are busy befriending actual white supremacists and Nazis, then suddenly my stances, the basic ones that I have always had, are suddenly unpalatable. 

In the past, I went far too hard on some people. I also was very wary of Muslims due to personal, offline antisemitism. And those things were wrong. I have also been mistaken and taken in by some awful rhetoric because it sounded reasonable at the time. But my principles have always stayed the same, and when I’ve been an asshole, I’ve apologised for being an asshole.

But these people, it’s… I don’t know. To see actual adults who were once amazing, who I would have wholeheartedly recommended as being great people, now stooping to the level that they’re now at? It’s actually pretty damn difficult to watch. 

At the end of the day, though, their words, their actions, their beliefs, they are all their choice. And it’s my choice to both call it out and cut those people out. 

That’s just how it is, really.