My amusement over the same sex marriage debate has steadily ebbed with each fucked up thinkpiece I see on the subject and I am now suffering from a severe deficit of chill.

The opposition appears to be focusing on six main issues:

1. Freedom of speech! (I must be allowed to censor gay kissing)

2. Freedom of religion! (My religious school must be allowed to discriminate even if it takes public money)

3. Parents’ rights! (I must be allowed to abuse my gay children)

4. Protect the family! (Gay people must not be allowed to have families)

5. History! (We used to discriminate and why quit when you’re ahead)

6. Tone! (Why are you so rude about me discriminating against you?)

If these arguments are taken literally they would appear to endorse the most heinous shit you can imagine, and since they insist they aren’t homophobic at all and only stand on principle, presumably they would back me up on this.

The same arguments could justify virulent sectarianism and all kinds of discriminatory measures, many of which have historical precedent, and minority religious groups that buy into them should be very careful, I think.