Brett Kavanaugh and the Adolescent Aggression …

Brett Kavanaugh and the Adolescent Aggression of Conservative Masculinity:


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When Kavanaugh is not crying or shouting, he uses a distinctly
adolescent tone that might best be described as “talking back.” … If Kavanaugh is trying to convince the public that he could
never have been capable, as a teen-ager, of aggression or peer pressure,
this is an odd way to go about it.

Remember “feminists want to help men express their emotions which toxic masculinity forces them to hold inside”?

Now a man who becomes emotional over having his professional and family life turned upside-down is just a whiny crybaby who is too emotional to be in power.  Not only that, but he’s “setting a tone” for “fury and bullying.”  Emotion itself is evidence of toxic masculinity!

Tomorrow we’ll be hearing again “men can’t express themselves” and the next day “men are crybabies” and it’s going to keep flipping back and forth into perpetuity.

While this is an egregious example of your point, people’s issue with Kavanaugh is less that he’s a man expressing his feelings, and more that he’s a Supreme Court lifetime judicial nominee throwing a tantrum in a confirmation hearing, smearing the “left-wing,” and railing against the Clintons.