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Unions are trash. Theyll Destroy a whole company for firing a shitty worker.

unions are the reason you aren’t paid 2.50 an hour with steel beams about to bust ya head open shut up lol

Unions are why you have 5 day, 40 hour full-time work weeks. Unions are why they have to pay you in actual dollars instead of “company credits” that you can only spend at the company-owned stores. Unions are why there are fucking fire exits at your place of work. Unions are why it’s not okay for your supermarket ground beef to be any percentage human.

You think your company pays you out of the goodness of their hearts? Or even out of “market pressure?” The “job market” is a myth perpetuated by the capitalists. Corporations would pay you nothing if they could get away with it. And you argue “oh, but if they paid me nothing I’d just go to another one.” Wrong. Because to maximize profits, they all want to pay you nothing. Corporations exist to maximize profits while reducing risk for investors. It’s part of their entire function to find ways to cut costs as much as possible, and that includes finding ways to pay you nothing.

Unions are your defense against that. You think all a union does is strike? If you pay union dues, a lot of that is spent on lobbyists in various governments reminding your lawmakers that you have rights as a living human being that a corporation should not be able to stomp all over. Unions hire lawyers so that if you’re fired for bullshit reasons, the union can stand up for you against your boss. They’re called unions because workers are uniting to pool resources so that they can stand up to these corporate overlords with more money than God. Unions exist because you might not have the words, resources, or time to fight workplace injustices all by yourself. That’s the whole fucking point.

And if a business shuts down because a union is striking, it’s because the business was abusing people and didn’t deserve to be in business anyway. Don’t make excuses for the corporations. They already have trillions of dollars and a couple million lawyers to do that for themselves. They don’t need your help.

All that and also, the idea that unions go to war whenever anything is done to any employee even for good reason, is: a lie.
It’s the same PR scam as the “old lady sued McDonald’s for millions because her coffee was hot” shit.

The *company* is the one that wants you to believe, just because they said so, that the firing was legit and the employee’s fault. But guess what? Doesn’t happen. When someone is fired for refusing or failing to do their job, the other employees are *relieved*, because they’ve been the ones catching the consequences.
Look a bit closer, and you find the union’s strike responds to OUTRAGEOUS moves, either “she got cancer and it would have been a drag on the company to finance her sick leave”, or “we made profit this year but not enough to our liking, so we’re cutting off 10% of the workers to pocket more”…

People who are anti-union are straight up brainwashed.

Labor outnumbers the capitalists. They want us disassembled to make us easier to abuse.