meanwhile, in “the world is a literal dumpster fire” news, my darling country Romania is about to spend 43 million euros on a referendum with the aim to obtain a clear specification in the constitution that a marriage (a civil marriage, not a religious one, mind you), is between “a man and a woman”, and not between “two people”, as it is currently written

this is the year of our lord 2018

there are still thousands of schools here who don’t have a functional indoor bathroom

there are not enough hospitals, but we’re spending more than 100 million euros on a fucking cathedral and 43 million euros to tell gay people that they can’t and won’t ever get married here

what the actual everliving fuck

fyi the referendum is taking place on october 7th 

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

in order to ensure the biggest chances that they get the necessary quorum (a little under 6 million people) in order to validate this shit, it has been decided that the referendum will take place over two days, not one, as it has been done before 🙂

also, just to have a mental image of the shit storm that is plaguing my country these days, watch this (there are English subtitles available):

i’m so glad everyone is ignoring this 🙂

you guys don’t understand the amount of pressure and resources the Romanian Orthodox Church has thrown into this, in order to assure a victory in this referendum

like, it’s honestly scary and it’s not just a question of lgbtq+ rights; they’re pushing so much for the concept of “traditional family” and I’m very worried women’s rights will be attacked next. Think a situation similar to Russia, where domestic violence has been decriminalised, and Poland, where women’s reproductive rights are basically non-existent.

also, just to get an idea of the scope of the fraud they’re about to commit with this referendum:

– 2 days for voting, instead of one, as it’s customary
– no security cameras in the voting stations
– no declarations regarding multiple voting
– no scanning of IDs, to have an electronic evidence of who has voted
– they’re supposed to write up an official record when the voting is over, but in this case, there’s no “verification key” required, which was supposed to attest that the number of votes was the same as the number of people that came to vote (so basically, they can commit fraud and validate the voting presence for the referendum without actually having the physical votes to prove that people voted)