Thank god my clients who lost their parents to the state on punitive marijuana charges have a guy who was 24 when his dad went down for tax evasion and witness tampering after blackmailing his own sister. Not all heroes wear capes.

Keep in mind, his dad’s jail stint is exactly why we need prison reform. Dude was guilty on eighteen counts of tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and witness tampering (the last one being that he hired a sex worker to have sex with a witness, had it taped and sent the tapes to the witnesses wife in retaliation for the witness cooperating with the feds. Oh, and the witness was his own brother-in-law) and he got…two years in jail. And he only served one before being released.

So yeah, we need criminal justice reform and jared kushner’s dad’s story is a perfect example of why we need criminal justice reform in this country.

Oh, and by “young” he means tweny-four. He was twenty-four when his dad went to prison.