Top Dem: Climate change committee ‘not necessa…

Top Dem: Climate change committee ‘not necessary’:


“I think it’s not necessary,” Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), who is
currently ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, said
Tuesday of establishing a separate climate change panel…

“We have very strong champions for addressing climate change — not only
on my committee, but the other committees of jurisdiction — that are
going to move very aggressively on the issue of climate change,” he told
reporters Wednesday after a Democratic caucus meeting. “So I don’t
think it’s necessary to have a special committee.” 

Agree to disagree.

Btw, for those unaware, there was a significant protest yesterday in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Both AOC and Rashida Tlaib were there. (Go Justice Democrats!)

And feel free to politely let Pallone know how you feel about this:

P.s. It seems his office doesn’t make it easy to email him. You can definitely call, but I also recommend faxing. There are free faxing services online (e.g. here) and I like the idea of their fax machine spitting out complaints all day. Also good if you have phone anxiety. Cheers

Pps. If you want to just copy or check out what I wrote…

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