From Shaun King

My God.

American police just killed another “good guy with a gun.”

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., better known as EJ, the son of a police officer, was an active duty officer for the Army, home for Thanksgiving.

Murdered by police yesterday in a mall shooting in Alabama.

Not only did police in Hoover, Alabama murder EJ, for 24 hours they plastered his face all over the news saying he was the mass shooter.

They did a press conference saying they killed the shooter, showed his picture, then said the community was safe.


EJ’s family and friends reached out to me this morning. They are not just devastated, they are furious.

Police publicly and local media both publicly blamed him for the mall shooting.

He never fired a single shot.

After police shot EJ, he was still alive, struggling.

Family and friends just sent me a horrendous video of police not only refusing to provide EJ first aid as he fought for his life, but literally abusing him on the ground thinking he was the mall shooter.

It was heartless.

EJ Bradford, Jr. was beloved all over Birmingham. This morning I have heard from neighbors, friends, even teachers from elementary to high school – who LOVED this man.

Served safely in the Army, then shot & killed by American police in Alabama while home for Thanksgiving. #JusticeForEJ