every STEM motherfucker out there owes me five fucking dollars if they’re gonna ask if they can just do my job for shitsies. some 35 year old chem PhD alum is like hey i wanna take a year off and write and work in an archives and get paid for fun, any archivists able to talk about this with me?

yeah I can talk with you about it, Linda. How many languages do you read? Living languages? Dead languages? 90% of documents are not in english. How’s your programming? your world history? Local history? What’s your fine art credentials like? Can you read cursive? Old cursive? Bad cursive? Old bad cursive, with weird abbreviations and spellings? You know what a long S looks like? How’s your paleography? Have you heard of it? You know how to do a reference interview, like I’m doing right now, because I have an entire class on it? 

“oh well i could come from a conservation angle” Could you? How’s your essential tremor? Do you know Western color theory? Are you patient? How’s your attention to detail?

like I read four languages and I am BARELY qualified. I taught myself paleography. Can you tell a post-mortem photo from a family portrait? How’s your eye for historical fashions? Can you place a photo by the shape of a corset? The pattern of a kimono? HOW ODD, because I can, because I taught myself, because Old Shit Profession does not in fact play.

“gosh, i had no idea archives were so complicated!” yeah girl. I know. That’s why I’m in a fucking Masters program about it.


@poorpoorpitifulme Jonathan Simms wrote this post in a ‘normal fucking world’ AU.

It’d have to be AU as canon Jon is definitely not qualified enough…

Honestly though, the more I learn about archival work, the more I think I’d have loved it. Like, my ability to organise is Not Great but my love for and ability to absorb minutiae and eclectic, esoteric knowledge is Very Great.

Then take a year off and write and work in an archives