Sinclair’s latest “must-run” defends tear-gass…

Sinclair’s latest “must-run” defends tear-gassing migrant children, warns of an “attempted invasion”:



The Trump administration has again unleashed particular cruelty and violence on Central American immigrants, and the pro-Trump local media giant Sinclair Broadcast Group is rushing to defend it.

Sinclair represents an attack on this country’s democratic institutions. Sinclair is a right-wing invasion into our political discourse and an attempted coup by extreme Republicons and conservatives. Based on what this country is supposed to stand for and represent, both this segment and Sinclair operations in general should be indefensible.

“This segment will now be forcibly aired, often spliced into local news coverage, on an estimated 100 Sinclair-owned or -operated news stations throughout the country as part of the media giant’s infamous “must-run” lineup. According to the iQ media database, the segment has already aired on stations in at least 24 states.

“In his previous Sinclair segments, Epshteyn has defended some of the most violent and racist actions of the Trump administration.

“Just to name a couple: Earlier this year, Sinclair stations ran a segment from Epshteyn minimizing the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy of separating families and detaining children at the border. And in August 2017, Epshteyn produced a “must-run” segment backing Trump in his “both sides” treatment of violent neo-Nazism in Charlottesville, VA.”