People always gloss over how mentally damaging it can be to work in retail. I fucking hate that whenever I say “I could never work in retail again” someone has to reply “You snowflake millennials can’t take a starter job because you have to INTERACT with other people” No. Fuck you. I’ve worked as a planetarium host. I’ve worked as a public speaker. I’ve worked as a tutor and as a student teacher. I can work with people. I can work with crowds. Retail was fucking different. Retail was being treated as a subhuman. Retail was being treated so poorly that you have anxiety attacks before work. Having to work retail was a factor in my last suicide attempt. If I hear you say one fucking word about retail workers playing the victim I will personally break every bone in your body. Fuck You.

I used to work in the collections department of the bank: harassing people for past due payments, ordering repossessions, overseeing foreclosure cases, the whole Snidely Whiplash affair. Every once in a while a lender or bank executive would try to commiserate with me. “That must be so hard” they’d say, “you must have the toughest job in the bank.”

My job was hellwork, but I always shut that attitude down on the quick fast.

“No, the tellers have it the worst. They work retail.”