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London’s Baby-Trump Blimp Is Coming to America

London’s Baby-Trump Blimp Is Coming to America:


he said it made him feel “unwelcome”

so it should have a permanent home here in the US

Spain: Amazon Workers on Strike Attacked by Na…

Spain: Amazon Workers on Strike Attacked by National Police:


The Spanish National Police charged at several Amazon workers Tuesday in the logistics center of San Fernando de Henares, in the outskirts of Madrid, who are participating in the three-day strike against the company’s efforts to reduce workers’ rights.

On Tuesday, workers on strike shared videos through social media showing how members of the national police attacked them. According to local media reports three workers have been detained and one was injured.  

Workers on strike have also called on consumers to boycott Amazon in solidarity with their struggle. Organizers gathered outside the San Fernando de Henares center, where they chanted “There is, there is, there is no other way. With the bosses, or with the working class.”

During the first day of the strike the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) Amazon said 80 percent of the workforce participated in the strike, affirming those who were working were temporary workers who have been threatened by local management.  

The strike was organized for Amazon’s Prime Day, when the company offers discounts and there are high sales levels. Workers are specifically protesting wage cuts, working conditions and restrictions on time off.

Spanish state takes the side of capital and Amazon over the workers.

That’s what police are for. They are intended to take the side of capital.

vagabondretired: New York Daily News cover tom…


New York Daily News cover tomorrow cuts right to the chase



nice ;^)

birdoflastsummer: the end of The Big Short is…


the end of The Big Short isn’t fucking around

friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: kompanie-mutt…




The evil Russian memes in question:

if not for soup time, it could have been Hillary’s turn

Goddamn soup time

Drewtoothpaste makes joke news, dipshits. He’s a one man Onion. Sorry to rain on your parade.



Republicans in Congress see the classified intel, know Traitor Trump is dirty, and they ALL choose to help Russia help Trump.



all those ‘say no to drugs’ assemblies in school where WACK i never once had the pot head kids push the Devils Lettuce on me. they’d be like ‘hey u wanna smoke some of this here Blunt of Marajoouana?’ and i’d be like ‘no thanks i dont smoke’ and they’d be like ‘ok cool’ and never bother me about it again

drinkers? NO CHILL AT ALL. even into adulthood people act like i’ve slain their child when i say i am completely sober. like every single time i’ve said no to drinking some person is like ‘what about jello shots there’s barely any in it’ or they’ll leave me a solo cup of wine ‘in case you change your mind’ and when by the end of the night i haven’t had it they’re all ‘you didn’t want any?’ LIKE? YAH I SAID I DIDNT? 

anti drug psa’s are fine but they gotta talk about drinking too bc never once did anyone i know who did drugs push me to do it too but everyone i tell i am sober tries to find a way to get me to drink like i said ‘i am sober but change my mind’ or smth 

have you guys ever noticed how pretty the bi f…









Like, look at it

It looks like a sunset


#the sky is bi confirmed

You wanna get people to hate you? Just claim the whole fucking sky belongs to your favorite kink.

the sky belongs to bisexuals now sorry str8s

I have legal rights on the sky purely because you called my sexuality a “kink” you piece of shit. You’re legally not allowed to look at the sky any more. Fuck you.

When you reject religion but keep all the shitty politics associated with it.

“Racial realist”

racial + realist = racist.

Beep-boop. Portmanteau^bot^1

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