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iverbz: What… Was… the… Plan…


What… Was… the… Plan…

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The time draws near.

Verizon, Tumblr CEO and staff win the Darwin Awards 2018. RIP.


I guess Ring is useful. Not my house!

Serial killer in solitary confinement finds hi…

Death from Elephant

German Tourist Trampled to Death by Elephant After Trying to Take Picture

A German tourist was trampled to death in a national park in Zimbabwe after trying to get closer to an elephant to take a picture.

The incident happened at the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe on September 26, a wildlife conservation area that’s highly popular for game-viewing. The 49-year-old woman was in a group of tourists crossing the park in a vehicle, when they came upon a herd of elephants. While it’s not clear what actions she took once near the elephant or if she provoked it in some way, authorities do know that she exited the vehicle to get closer to the animal to take pictures, at which point she was attacked. She eventually died from her injuries later that day.

Tinashe Farawo, a spokesman for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, said that park visitors are warned when entering to keep a proper distance from all animals when in the park. Elephant attacks kill about 600 people every year and are relatively common in Zimbabwe. It’s an unfortunate reminder that we must show wild animals the utmost respect and caution when photographing them.





Florida man struck by car while attempting ‘In…

Florida man struck by car while attempting ‘In My Feelings’ challenge

It was only a matter of time before the internet’s latest viral dance challenge ended with someone getting run over.

And, of course, it happened in Florida.

Florida man Jaylen Norwood, 22, was hit by a car while his friend filmed a video of him dancing in the street in Boynton Beach, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Norwood uploaded a video on Instagram account of him participating in the latest viral trend, the #InMyFeelings Challenge. Also called the Shiggy Challenge or the Keke Challenge, the dance craze often involves drivers or passengers hopping out of moving vehicles to shimmy in the streets to Drake’s latest song, “In My Feelings.”

According to the caption of his video, Norwood had planned to leap onto the hood of an approaching car — presumably driven by another friend. But after his flip flop slid across a puddle, he fell to his knees — right before the oncoming vehicle slammed into him.




Teen burglar, out of data, woke up sleeping co…

Teen burglar, out of data, woke up sleeping couple to ask for Wi-Fi access, police say

A teen broke into a home in California shortly after midnight last Saturday and woke a sleeping couple to ask if he could use their Wi-Fi network, authorities said.

The Palo Alto homeowner told police he got out of bed and shoved the 17-year-old suspect down the hallway and out the front door, then called 911.

The teen was arrested about a block away.

“The couple had been asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by the unknown suspect speaking to them and asking to use their WiFi network,” Palo Alto police said in a statement.
“Officers determined the suspect had climbed into the home after cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard,” police said. “The suspect’s motive for entering the home is unknown, but the victims reported that two kitchen knives were missing from a kitchen drawer.”

Police arrested the teen for residential burglary, prowling and providing false information to an officer. They did not release any information about him because he’s a minor.