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Teen burglar, out of data, woke up sleeping co…

Teen burglar, out of data, woke up sleeping couple to ask for Wi-Fi access, police say

A teen broke into a home in California shortly after midnight last Saturday and woke a sleeping couple to ask if he could use their Wi-Fi network, authorities said.

The Palo Alto homeowner told police he got out of bed and shoved the 17-year-old suspect down the hallway and out the front door, then called 911.

The teen was arrested about a block away.

“The couple had been asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by the unknown suspect speaking to them and asking to use their WiFi network,” Palo Alto police said in a statement.
“Officers determined the suspect had climbed into the home after cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard,” police said. “The suspect’s motive for entering the home is unknown, but the victims reported that two kitchen knives were missing from a kitchen drawer.”

Police arrested the teen for residential burglary, prowling and providing false information to an officer. They did not release any information about him because he’s a minor.

Armed bank robber caught after giving teller h…

Armed bank robber caught after giving teller his ID, police say

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FOX NEWS June 24, 2018 – A quick-thinking bank teller in Ohio convinced an armed robbery suspect to hand over his own driver’s license earlier this month, leading to his eventual arrest, police said.

The suspect, identified as David Menser, 51, walked into a Huntington Bank in Columbus on June 4 and gave the teller a note saying he was armed and demanding money, authorities said.

“I have a gun,” the note read, the Columbus Dispatch reported, citing the arrest warrant.

The teller gave the man a stack of cash, but he demanded more from the machine in the lobby. The amount of cash given was not immediately known.

The teller then told the suspect that a driver’s license was required for making withdrawals from the machine, so the suspect handed over his own license, police said.

Menser fled with the cash, but the license helped police track him down on June 15.

He faces charges of aggravated robbery and threatening with a deadly weapon, police said.

Woman Ripped Man’s Testicle out with her…

Woman Ripped Man’s Testicle out with her Teeth

Dec 7, 2017 – A woman has been ordered to pay compensation to her former boyfriend after ripping a testicle out of his scrotum with her teeth.

Nunzia Del Viscio, 43, carried out the attack in her victim’s flat in Edinburgh in May last year.

She claimed she had been acting in self defence, but was convicted of assault.

Del Viscio has been placed on a restriction of liberty order for six months, which means she must stay at home between 22:00 and 06:00.

Appearing for sentence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, she was also ordered to pay her victim £500 compensation.

Sheriff Peter McCormack heard that those involved in the incident were Italian nationals, all working in restaurants in Edinburgh.

Del Viscio, Mr Palma and two other people met in a nightclub after work. They had been drinking, and Del Viscio admitted to having taken drugs.

When the nightclub closed, all four went to Mr Palma’s flat in a taxi.

Mr Palma told the court that in the early hours of the morning, Del Viscio had begun “destroying” one of the bedrooms.

He said he told her to calm down and leave, but during the argument she bit his left testicle.

He said he tried to stop the flow of blood with a towel and called for an ambulance.

He was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where his testicle was put back into the scrotum and he was given 15 stitches.

Police found Del Viscio outside the flat with blood on her teeth and face.

SEE IT: Carjacker gets dragged through street with pants at his…

SEE IT: Carjacker gets dragged through street with pants at his ankles

August 25, 2017 – A car heist gone awry.

A would-be carjacker in Kent, Wash. was served up a little asphalt-heavy justice late last week, as he was dragged by the driver of a vehicle.

Twitter users @Sahrmoiwo1 and @SukkChahal captured the bizarre scene, which took place near an elementary school, local news station KIRO 7 reports.

When the SUV comes into the frame, the man is being dragged with his hands stuck in the door handle. As the vehicle comes to a stop, the man gets up — with a visibly road-burned backside — and attempts to get into the vehicle.

To bad it wasn’t on! Fleeing Burgular found in Trash…

To bad it wasn’t on! Fleeing Burgular found in Trash Compactor with Broken legs and 15 bags of Heroin

July 17, 2017 – Jersey City, NJ – A 44-year-old car burglary suspect is now in stable condition after he was found mangled in a trash compactor at a Downtown apartment building, officials said.

Gerald Draughn, of River Drive East, suffered multiple compound fractures after jumping down a second-floor garbage chute trying to run from police on Monday morning, a police report states.

Police spotted Draughn breaking into a car on Newport Parkway with a wire hanger. The 44-year-old was also carrying a knife and ran into a building on River Drive when police tried to arrest him, the report states.

Officers lost sight of Draughn but soon heard him screaming for help from the trash compactor. Police pulled him from the compactor before he was “completely crushed,” police said.

Additionally, the man was carrying 15 bags of heroin, the report states.

Too bad my mattress / boxspring doesn’t look like…

Too bad my mattress / boxspring doesn’t look like this.

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…arrests and confiscation of guns and marijuana! (via…

…arrests and confiscation of guns and marijuana!

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(via VIDEO: Suspected Ikea shoplifter busted with frying pan in…

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Is that a Pot in the Back of Your Pants?

Cellphone video taken around 7 p.m. on Dec. 30 outside a St. Louis Ikea store shows Sierra Coleman, 28, being restrained by two loss prevention officers, according to KTVI-TV.

Despite the large pan sticking out of the backside of her leggings, Coleman was not going to be taken in without a struggle.

“It’s a misdemeanor,” Coleman yells in the video. “Only $30!”

The woman filming can be heard exclaiming, “Is that a pot in the back of your pants?”

Not only is the outline of the cookware item clearly visible through the suspect’s Nike pants, the entire handle can also be seen sticking out of her waistband.

This robber pulled out a gun and was met with a barrage of sex toys