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Black kids in Atlanta got put on lockdown so they couldn’t leave school during the #NationalWalkoutDay and what did they do? THEY KNEELED. They were barred from the same sort of freedom to exercise their rights that students in other places across the country have and they FOUND A WAY. Black Youth are always finding a way.

I had to excuse myself and go shed a few tears because 1) I’m proud of all the kids across the country but 2) the fact that an APS school PUT THE SCHOOL ON LOCKDOWN so those kids couldn’t PROTEST FOR THEIR LIVES breaks my heart and 3) the fact that they rose above it and the symbolism of kneeling comes back into play?

Instant tears.

Someone please add this to the list of “Blacks Being Put Down While Whites are Glorified For Doing the Exact Damn Thing But Blacks Still Do It Dignified Regardless”