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To bad it wasn’t on! Fleeing Burgular found in Trash…

To bad it wasn’t on! Fleeing Burgular found in Trash Compactor with Broken legs and 15 bags of Heroin

July 17, 2017 – Jersey City, NJ – A 44-year-old car burglary suspect is now in stable condition after he was found mangled in a trash compactor at a Downtown apartment building, officials said.

Gerald Draughn, of River Drive East, suffered multiple compound fractures after jumping down a second-floor garbage chute trying to run from police on Monday morning, a police report states.

Police spotted Draughn breaking into a car on Newport Parkway with a wire hanger. The 44-year-old was also carrying a knife and ran into a building on River Drive when police tried to arrest him, the report states.

Officers lost sight of Draughn but soon heard him screaming for help from the trash compactor. Police pulled him from the compactor before he was “completely crushed,” police said.

Additionally, the man was carrying 15 bags of heroin, the report states.