I’m Gay. That Means I Have AIDs, Right? – Originally published on Narratively – June 2016

This is why the Bury Your Gays trope is so horrible. When every popular story featuring a minority ends with that minority character dead or evil, children are hurt. And shone of them don’t have the cottage to ask for help the way the author of this comic did.



“There is plenty more to talk about here—which you can explore if you please. But the basic problem, cut to the size of a tweet, is that the economy is the name for a hostage situation in which the vast majority of the population is made dependent on a small minority through implicit threat of violence. If we challenge the system’s capacity to infinitely accumulate more at a compounding rate, it goes into crisis—this is basic definition of crisis: when profitable growth slows, stops, or, god forbid, reverses. Whenever this accumulation is challenged, whether by contingent factors such as poor location, or intentional ones, such as a resistant populace, those who hold the power (the wealthy) will start killing hostages.”

Phil Neel, Why Riot?

Thinking about this quote while I’m trapped at work all day while it’s beautiful outside.


As U.S. President, George H.W. Bush, among other things, cut AIDS research funding, banned HIV-Positive people from entering the country, encouraged “behavioral change” to the exclusion of comprehensive sexual education, and extended/expanded many of the murderous AIDS policies of Ronald Reagan, for whom Bush served as Vice President. By the end of 1993, over 194,000 HIV/AIDS related deaths had been reported in the United States. Approximately 133,000 of which were during Bush’s one term as President. Between 1987 and 1992, the median age at death among men in the United States that died from HIV/AIDS related causes was 38; among women the median age was 34. George H.W. Bush died November 30th 2018 at the age of 94. May he rot in Hell alongside Ronald Reagan! 🖕


I was genuinely shocked by the number of homeless in DC.

HIS humanity accentuates the crooks in our current gov’t even more. We
need to elect better leaders, so our society doesn’t create homeless
people in the first place.

SPLC lawsuit: Family detained, searched in Mississippi because they ‘looked’ Latino:



“All the van’s occupants
were in the country legally, either by virtue of their U.S. citizenship,
legal residency or valid visas. Stephanie Martinez and her three
children are U.S. citizens.”

This, of course, made no difference whatsoever:

“This Latino family was detained by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
for approximately four hours, without any reason to believe that they
had committed a crime. During the detention, the deputy – who announced
that he was looking for ‘illegals’ – confiscated the family’s passports
and valid immigration documents, and repeatedly threatened the father,
Marcos Martinez, with losing his lawful permanent residency if he did
not admit to possessing drugs. … A sheriff’s deputy drove Stephanie Martinez to tears by threatening
to separate her from her three children. …
The family’s harrowing experience ended only after Stephanie Martinez
made a 911 call from a room inside the sheriff’s office where the family
was being held… Soon afterward, the family was told that they could leave.
Nothing illegal was ever found and no member of the family was ever
charged with a crime or even received a traffic ticket.”

Local law enforcement officials such as Hancock County sheriff’s deputies cannot perform the functions of an immigration officer except under very narrow circumstances, such as in a formal agreement with the federal government. Hancock County has no such agreement.


he won btw, supported by $2 million in untraceable superpac money given to him by an anti-choice / anti-gay-marriage lawyer


“Always, racist tropes about people of color are ones that are used to
keep the white working class from siding with other people in the
working class and looking more toward ideas that the ruling class has as
being of their own, which explains poor white people siding with Trump.
The racist ideas have a utility. That’s the reason why they exist. They
have a utility under this system, and that utility allows a large group
of working-class folks to feel more allied with rich white people than
poor people of other ethnicities.” – Boots Riley



People always gloss over how mentally damaging it can be to work in retail. I fucking hate that whenever I say “I could never work in retail again” someone has to reply “You snowflake millennials can’t take a starter job because you have to INTERACT with other people” No. Fuck you. I’ve worked as a planetarium host. I’ve worked as a public speaker. I’ve worked as a tutor and as a student teacher. I can work with people. I can work with crowds. Retail was fucking different. Retail was being treated as a subhuman. Retail was being treated so poorly that you have anxiety attacks before work. Having to work retail was a factor in my last suicide attempt. If I hear you say one fucking word about retail workers playing the victim I will personally break every bone in your body. Fuck You.

I used to work in the collections department of the bank: harassing people for past due payments, ordering repossessions, overseeing foreclosure cases, the whole Snidely Whiplash affair. Every once in a while a lender or bank executive would try to commiserate with me. “That must be so hard” they’d say, “you must have the toughest job in the bank.”

My job was hellwork, but I always shut that attitude down on the quick fast.

“No, the tellers have it the worst. They work retail.”


At a Washington Post event in October 2018, Newt Gingrich said he thought Trump doesn’t have “any fear” the Democrats will “investigate” him if they take the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. Gingrich also claimed Trump was only raising that fear among his base for votes. When asked what Trump would do if the Democrats subpoenaed his tax returns, “They’ll be trapped into appealing to the Supreme Court, and we’ll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it,” Gingrich said.

They are not even trying to hide their duplicity.